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Editorial Review:  

Jo Ann Pevoto, Professor Emeritus, College of the Mainland; Former Co-Editor Poetry Texas, The Sidewinder, and Hurakan:

“Fallen, the prequel to Melinda Inman’s novel Refuge, goes back to the creation of the earth and its inhabitants. In the garden, Adam names the living creatures and finds delight when his companion Eve is made from his rib. Joy rings through each passage, each word. Inman also brings alive Lucifer and shows his rage that the earth is not his to rule. Observing God’s love for the “insignificant humans,” Lucifer determines he will attack God by destroying them. After their fall and loss of Eden, the tone of the book changes when Adam and Eve must fight their own sinful natures while they work to survive. The reader feels the truth in their emotional, physical, and mental struggles as they learn to cope in their new environment. To their surprise, Yahweh is present when they approach Him in prayers and still demonstrates His love for them.

“This book blends what we learn from the Bible with all the details that Inman imagines about the couple’s daily existence. It concludes with the fulfillment of the promise that sustains them in this new environment. The book is a triumph both in scholarship (It is well researched) and in its demonstration of God’s grace for those who choose to turn to Him after they realize their fallen state.”

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Product Description: 

Love takes action: The Creator God establishes the cosmos and shapes a man. Adam rises from the dust. Envious, the powerful angel Lucifer despises him. Oblivious to the threat, Adam is captivated by his strong, intuitive wife Eve. In the Garden of Eden, they enjoy abundant food, gorgeous vistas, and intriguing challenges, including their budding love and passion. They have it all!

But Lucifer’s deceptive brilliance tricks them into disobeying God. They eat the one forbidden fruit. Their innocence is shattered. Their unity with one another and with God is destroyed. Death will follow. Lucifer’s jealousy threatens mankind’s tenuous beginning. But God is merciful. What astonishing promise does He make? How will Adam and Eve survive – broken, shattered, and separated from God?

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Editorial Reviews and Awards:

Refuge has been named a 2014 Official Finalist For The PARANORMAL AWARDS for Supernatural Fiction. The Paranormal Awards writing competition recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Supernatural Fiction and Legends & Lore. The PARANORMAL Awards is a division of the Chanticleer Awards International Writing Competitions.

“A cosmic battle between God and Satan, reminiscent of Milton’s epic Paradise Lost” Jo Ann Pevoto, Professor Emeritus, College of the Mainland; Former Co-Editor Poetry Texas, The Sidewinder, and Hurakan.

“This book has it all. Murder, love, revenge, and redemption. Melinda Inman takes a pivotal story from the past and shows us the truth and peace in real redemption – exactly what we all need” Cindy Sproles, Executive Editor,

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Product Description: 

Intent on total destruction, Satan notices Cain’s obsessive lust for Lilith and the dark roots of jealousy growing deep in his soul toward his do-gooding brother Abel. Satan goads Cain to the point of madness, barraging his mind with thoughts of hatred, lust, and futility. In a blinding rage, Cain wrecks everything. He is banished, splitting the family and propelling mankind toward ever-increasing violence as his siblings seek revenge. Crushed by what he’s done, Cain runs, certain he’s destroyed Lilith, his parents, and the entire family. With Satan hounding his every move and no idea of the forces arrayed against him, can Cain ever find God after he’s committed a sin of such magnitude? Can he ever be forgiven?

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