ShowKnowGrow Publishing was founded in early 2015 by author Melinda Viergever Inman. We are a small boutique publishing company affiliated under ShowKnowGrow, LLC.

ShowKnowGrow Publishing is not a vanity press. We do not accept all manuscripts for publication, only those deemed ready for the refining process of professional editing and publication. We accept only well-edited, well-developed manuscripts for consideration.

We provide editing and design services through independent professionals.

When open for queries, a submission form will appear on this page. We will respond with a questionnaire. Please return the completed questionnaire with the first four chapters of your novel for evaluation.

We are currently not accepting queries.


For more information about boutique publishing:

The Future of Ink: Five Publishing Pathways

Huffington Post: Becoming a Publisher: A Positive Pathway for Authors

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